What are the best companies to work for?

Everyone wants to work in a company that has a good working environment and a margin of growth in it. From the prospect of an employee getting a highly paid job is not the only reason to choose a job. Sometimes the reputation and environment of the organization serve as an incentive as well.

Finding such a company is not an easy thing to do. While you might not find the perfect company that matches your perception but there are many well-reputed companies you can try your luck with. Keep in mind that such companies have high merits of employee selection as well. If you want to get a job with the best company, you need to be good enough as well.

What to Look for in a Company?

  • There should be room for growth in the organization. Aiming for a higher position is motivating and gets out the best in employees
  • The environment is work-friendly. The rules and regulations are followed properly. There are rules against harassment. The relationship between the employees and managers is friendly and mutually respectful
  • The organization should be well-reputed. Former employee reviews matter a lot as it will decide the reputation of the company 
  • You will get the opportunity to learn and enhance your ability in a good organization. The positive working environment provides a chance to learn and polish your abilities
  • Job security and stability are offered in the company. If the employees are not sure if their job is stable, their productivity will decrease. Job security is a very good incentive for the employees
  • Your efforts and hard work are recognized by the administration. Everybody wants to be appreciated and acclaimed after good performance. Encouragement can be a driving force behind hardworking and honest employees 

Any organization that maintains these qualities is a good company to work in. A lively and challenging working environment is very important for personal and professional growth.

What are Some of the Best Companies in Canada?

There are many distinguished companies present in Canada. Organizations belonging to different industries that work locally and globally offer a good opportunity for growth and training. The top companies are the ones that are leading to positive corporate culture, appreciable employee interests, a balance between work and personal life. 

  • Royal Bank of Canada
  • The Toronto Transit commission
  • TELUS communications
  • General Motors
  • The Hospital for sick children 
  • West Jet Airlines
  • H&R Block
  • TD Canada Trust
  • Sun Life Financial
  • Desjardins

According to the Forbes, list of best employer’s of Canada includes the following as the top ten employers:

  • Google
  • Hydro-Quebec
  • CISCO Systems
  • Costco wholesale
  • Ubisoft

If you are planning to switch your jobs, try to get into one of these or other equally prestigious companies in Canada. All the attributes that a good company should have, are present in them. Picking a good company is not only educational but also lets you perform your best and take pride in your work.

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